Project Description

Iris is a premium wood coatings company based out of Southern California with over 25 years of coatings product development and manufacturing experience in multiple industries.  Iris is known for its professionalism, creativity and innovative product offerings. Iris was created for a marketplace where cost and quality go hand in hand. With a European coatings background, our team of chemists have engineered a wood coatings brand that consumers will appreciate for its durability and protection.  Our lacquers are formulated to deliver great flow, build, and final finishing properties.

Iris’s lacquers are compatible with most interior wood fixtures, new and refinished, in addition to cabinets, tables, office furniture, and other interior wood surfaces that require a fresh finish. Our Research and Development team works regularly with our clients to learn ways we can improve performance and the overall appearance of our products. We have an in house color stylist who is constantly consulting with our clients, researching color and texture trends, creating new paint color collections exclusive to our brands and challenging our team to develop and design new finishes.

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