G & M Paint Center is home to one of the best color departments in Los Angeles. We offer custom color matches in virtually any coating. Although most paint stores offer color matches, most end up relying on a computer (digital spectrometer) to do the match. Our color technicians are trained to match color by eye, ensuring a much more accurate match every time. In fact, we guarantee our colors to match. If you are not satisfied with our match, we will do a priority color adjustment while you wait. If the color can’t be fixed, we will rematch your entire order free of charge.

We can offer custom color matches on interior and exterior architectural paint, primer, venetian plaster, interior and exterior wood stain, lacquer, Industrial epoxy and urethane coatings, Marine coatings, light industrial enamels, automotive body paint, automotive leather and vinyl coatings. To top it off, we can pump most of these coatings into a spray can!
Chipped off paint (at least 3” diameter), color swatches, spray cans, cabinet doors, tile, stucco, pillows, fabric, props, toys, chairs, frames, your car, your car headrest and much more. If you can bring it to us, we can match it!
Depending on the type of coating we are matching, accuracy may vary. Most solid colors will match very closely (within 95% accuracy). Some coatings will vary based on application method, number of coats and layers, air pressure and more. We will advise you if we feel a color will not match up to our standards before we take your order.
We typically require 24 hours for a custom color match with a formula. If you require a same day color match and are willing to waive the formula, bring your sample in by noon that day and we will do our best to deliver it by closing.