Project Description

Painter’s Putty

Crawford’s Natural Blend Painter’s Putty is a ready-to-use, multipurpose painter’s putty used for filling nail holes, dents and imperfections on old and new wood, indoors or out. Just open a can and you’ll notice a big difference immediately! Crawford’s Natural Blend is packaged in water for extended in-can preservation. Water (a natural preservative) helps keep Crawford’s soft, fresh, pliable and ready-to-use.

Spackling Paste

Crawford’s Free Spackling Paste is a multipurpose, premixed, ready-to-use vinyl patching compound for use inside or out on primed plaster, drywall, and wood surfaces. Crawford’s Free is no doubt America’s easiest sanding spackling paste – ever! Crawford’s Free flows on like warm butter with never a kick-up. Crawford’s Free has excellent adhesion to primed substrates and has good resistance to cracking, shrinking and sagging.

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