Project Description

For over thirty years, Chemcraft has been proudly setting standards for industrial wood finishes. We’ve earned a reputation for innovative technologies and cost efficient systems; a reputation that will only grow stronger now that we’re part of the AkzoNobel family. Our access to a worldwide network of technology and innovation experts will take our products and systems to a whole new level. A large part of that innovation is our eco-strategy; sustainability is a deeply embedded part of our philosophy, and the Chemcraft brand of products embraces this vision fully.

Our eco-premium products give you lower Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions without sacrificing performance properties and proves that there doesn’t have to be a trade off for sustainability. Combine all that with our commitment to superior customer service and support, and you’ll see that we have all the pieces in place to continue in our role as the industry leader for years to come. Chemcraft is the obvious choice for industrial wood finishes.